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Financial Planning

Financial planning is necessity for any individual these days. It helps you meet your expected and unexpected goals.

Making decisions on investments or insurance or any other expenses are scary yet non negotiable and unavoidable. But being prepared for the same is a smart and wise decision. SRFS assists you in making your financial decisions so that you can live the life that you always wanted to.

Risk and timing are the two major factors of good investments. Investors need to understand that what they consider to be an opportunity to invest has actually run its course and peaked. Having a right guidance to understand investment is very important to reap its benefits for long term. As a prominent fund manager observed, equities are the riskiest assets over the short-term and the safest assets over the long-term. Thus, for long-term goals, go in for equities while debt products are the best for short-term goals. The earlier you start investing the higher the risk appetite.

Basic Mantras of Saving Money
  • 30% of your monthly income should be saved in good quality savings instruments.
  • Have a backup of 3 months of your income for emergencies is a must.
  • Clearing high rate interest debts first from your savings.

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