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Threats are everywhere!

People are at risk wherever they go, doing whatever they’re doing!

Even after the 2015 Brasilia declaration, there were 4,64,910 road crashes with 1,47,913 fatalities in road crashes in 2017. Furthermore fatalities figures of the first quarter of 2018 showed a 1.68% rise over the corresponding previous quarter. All this only accounts for when you’re traveling.

Heart attacks have claimed the lives of 2.1 million people in India in 2015 at all ages. In fact between the ages of 30 to 69, 1.3 million people died due to cardiovascular issues of which 0.9 million (68.4%) were caused by coronary heart disease and 0.4 million (28.0%) by stroke.

Did you know that 86.5% of people in India do not understand or use or even have a health insurance policy. There is no way to know how many people are under financial stress due to a family member’s health or how many people have temporarily lost their main source of income due to the head of the family and only earning member of the family being unable to work for a while.

A glimpse into our history provides us with a precursor to insurance, where community resources would be pooled together and utilised in times of crisis like a famine or flood. Soon after, the concept of bottomry contracts came into existence. These contracts allowed merchants the opportunity to take out loans for their goods with their ships as collateral. If the shipment got lost at sea or incurred damages, the loan didn’t have to be paid back!


Sea Ridges Financial Services & IMF LLP or SRFS for short is the 101st Insurance Marketing Firm in India which was established in 2016 by some of the best financial advisers in Hyderabad. Since the company was founded by established business entrepreneurs like Suman Rangabhashyam, a trainer, speaker and coach along with Vivek Rangabhashyam, a business person who established his name in Digital Marketing, Technology Education and Finance, the Financial Planning Services provided by SRFS lead to over ₹3 crore Assets Under Management (AUM) in its first year of Business and over ₹7 crore ($1 million) in a short time after that. Thanks to the strategic partnerships made with some of the top Financial Institutions and Industry Leading Fund Houses in India. SRFS has served many NRI Investors i.e. investors of Indian origin who are currently not residing in India.

We offer assistance with the best health insurance plans, the best life insurance plans and even the absolute best general insurance plans in India. Our financial management and financial planning services provided by the top insurance agents in Hyderabad enables you to manage risk effectively. We welcome clients from all walks of life through our doors. We know that the world of finance can appear quite daunting and confusing. We therefore offer a safe and encouraging environment for our clients to understand and learn about the financial world.


Sea Ridges was birthed into this financial world with the vision of bringing transparency, trust and clarity into the marketplace. Our relationship with our clients is based upon these foundational values. And we believe that with a little help from us, you can come closer to your financial goals.


Some of our services include Life Insurance, General Insurance as well as Health Insurance. Along with these we also dabble with Mutual Funds, Stocks and Loans.


We believe in teamwork above all else. We achieve efficiency by incorporating transparency in the workplace, trust and collaboration, good communication and feedback system and flexible working conditions for our team. We are dedicated to our clients and as a team we focus on all of our clients needs.

Welcome To SRFS

Sea Ridges Financial Services & IMF LLP

SRFS is ready for you. We have some of the best financial advisors in hyderabad and other parts of India who are motivated by your drive and are focused to drive you to success. We absolutely understand that dealing with finances can be intimidating, which is why our financial advisors provide crisp and clear financial planning services which would give you the confidence in understanding the best path to success. Feel free to connect with us by clicking on the button below

Why Choose Us

Searidges joins asset management arrangements with a full scope of value-based administrations, from securities, value, shared supports, and trade exchanged reserve (ETF) to a scope of Goal-based budgetary arrangements which incorporates training arranging, marriage arranging, retirement arranging. Regardless of whether you are an accomplished financial specialist searching for another venture arrangement utilizing a stage account or just another speculator hoping to spare routinely, our on the web and disconnected administrations can give access to a huge number of common assets and Shariah-agreeable speculation arrangements as well.


Searidges has selected administrators at each level and position inside the Financial Services homework writing industry.

  • Insurance companies
  • Retail banks
  • Corporate banks
  • Investment banks
  • Private equity

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