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Start Investing – Start Mutual Funds

Indians have a common mentality to save 30% of their income for the next twenty years for various life occasions. But are these savings enough?

Do these savings cover all your expected and unexpected circumstances of the future?

What if your savings can give you a return? Is there a possibility to earn with your savings?

When Savings are your Investments and your Investment are Savings plus Returns.

An investment that gives you higher returns with balanced risks, being spoilt with n number of choices, the minimum cost of investment, is managed by highly professionals, saving taxes, can be easily invested and withdrawn – one of the easiest and simplest ways to grow your wealth is through Mutual Funds.

  • More than 7 Crores Indians are investing in mutual funds. What are you waiting for?
  • Depending upon the level of risks you can take, mutual funds are classified into three categories
  • Equity Funds – Amount invested by different investors into shares of different companies. It aims at generating high returns. An investor who can stay invested for 5 years or more should go for Equity Funds.
  • Debt Funds – it’s a fixed interest generating securities like bonds, government securities, commercial papers, treasury bills. In simple terms, it’s a loan given to the issuing entity. A one who has a low-risk appetite should opt for Debt Funds.
  • Hybrid Funds – it’s a combination of equity and debt funds. A blend to maximize diversification and decent returns. It aims to achieve wealth appreciation in the long run and generate income in the short run.

An investment is always with an aim to have an expected return but you need to have the availability of funds and having an eye to market conditions. The basic rule for mutual funds is to start early.

Indian investors are very SMART. They don’t splurge needlessly. Small tweaks to your investing habits like careful planning and allocating carefully can do wonders. To enjoy your future with your partner, children and grandchildren start your investments NOW with as much little amount you can.

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